Top 10 benefits

High productivity  |  100% recycled materialFaster installationNo additional resourcesConvenient size
No cuttingLow weightEasy to transportPipe diameter 16-18mmMuch safer

Based on a critical analysis of the current application systems and the bottlenecks that arise, CIRCOTHERM has developed the EAS 16-18 after thorough preparation.

This has resulted into 10 distinctive competitive advantages:


The steel wire grid is used in the vast majority of underfloor heating systems. A proven technology that can be applied quickly with an experienced team of installers. The EAS 16-18 is a system which, despite its smaller size, can be installed more quickly in the rooms. The grids can be linked, but that is certainly not always necessary. However, should this be really necessary, the grid can simply be cut to size with a pipe cutter or wire cutters. Then the tube can literally be ‘walked’ in. Due to the integrated slots that are fitted with a 50 mm spacing, the existing 10 or 15 cm center distances of can be easily achieved. This creates a very high productivity: 12 to 14 m2 per hour including all preparations.


Circular production is becoming an increasingly important standard in construction. The construction of the new houses must also be such that all parts of a house can be recycled relatively easily after 40 or 50 years. Because EAS 16-18 is produced from 100% recycled material , the grid does not only have a lower footprint than steel, it is also easy to separate from the concrete in which it is cast during demolition due to its light weight.


Compared to the shrink net and other installation systems, no expensive auxiliary tools are needed, nor is a lot of experience. The pipe is literally run into the EAS. Due to the nature of the material, the tube can easily be clamped in the recesses and, if necessary in the heart of the bifilar, raised ribs that get in the way can be cut away very easily. In areas with many bends, such as toilets and bathrooms, the EAS 16-18 can be anchored to the concrete with a few hammer nails or hammer plugs where necessary.


Application of the EAS 16-18 makes tacker guns, binding wire or wire binding machines unnecessary, any more than tie wraps, tacker clips, strops or binding wire. Not only does this save direct costs, but also indirect costs for keeping in stock and ordering are a thing of the past. And - last but not least - the investment costs in the more expensive braiding machines are also a thing of the past.


Compared to the shrink net, the EAS 16-18 is much smaller: 120 x 80cm. Not only is this a lot more convenient for transporting the car to the workplace, the grid needs to be cut to size much less. In addition, the EAS 16-18 no longer leads to injuries or damage. EAS 16-18 has a recess for the tube every 50mm. This makes the grid suitable for all common distances between the pipes.


Shrink nets should always be cut to size. This is hardly necessary when using the EAS 16-18; due to the smaller size and the possibility to connect the EAS 16-18 both in length and width, the entire space can be filled without cutting. If it is desired - for a small space such as the toilet or bathroom - the grid can easily be cut to size with a pipe scissor.


A low weight; the grids weigh only 1006 grams each. Compared to the shrink nets, the EAS 16-18 is not even that much lighter. It is the size that makes the difference. Due to its compact size and the fact that it is made of plastic and has no sharp parts, the risk of damages and injuries at the workplace is considerably lower. This is also due to its compact size and the fact that it is made of plastic and has no sharp parts,


The EAS 16-18 is supplied per 100 pieces on Euro pallets. The EAS dimensions the are adapted exactly to the size of the Euro pallets. Per Euro pallet, 100 grids are delivered sealed with shrink film. This virtually excludes any damage occurring during transport.


The EAS grid can handle heating pipes with a diameter of 16 to 18mm. Although all underfloor heating pipes manufacturers attribute a 16 mm diameter to their product, in practice this diameter shows a significant deviation. For this reason, the recess has been designed in such a way that pipes from between 15 to 18 mm can be applied clamp-tightly. An additional advantage is that electricity pipes or water pipes can also be installed easily along the sides.


Because the EAS 16-18 is made of plastic, has no sharp points and is smaller in size, no damage to plaster or injuries occurs. A lot safer than the commonly used shrink nets.