• What material is the EAS 16-18 made of?
    The EAS 16-18 is produced from fully recycled plastics.
  • Which pipes should be used in the EAS 16-18?
    All types of pipes with a diameter of 15 to 18 mm can be attached to the EAS 16-18.
  • On which subfloor can EAS 16-18 be used?
    The EAS 16-18 can be installed on a rigid wooden floor as well as on concrete.
  • For which finishing floor is EAS 16-18 suitable?
    The EAS can be filled with sand cement, concrete, anhydrite and leveling mortar.
  • Does the EAS 16-18 have to be fixed to the subfloor?
    If the pipe is fitted with the memory towards the bottom, the EAS will not lift. If this is the case (for example in the corners), recesses have been made in the grid at every intersection (see photo 1) for a screw or (impact) nail. If anhydrite is chosen as the finishing floor, it is recommended to always fix the grid to prevent floating.
  • How do I cut the EAS 16-18 to size?
    The grid can be cut to size with any pipe scissors or wire cutters (see photo 2).
  • Where can I buy EAS 16-18?
    The EAS 16-18 is available from most specialized wholesalers. If your wholesaler is not listed here, please contact our office staff and we will ensure that your order is delivered.
  • What is the delivery time?
    In principle, the EAS 16-18 is always in stock at the wholesalers. If this stock is insufficient, we always have at least 25,000 m2 as buffer stock at the factory.