The start of CIRCOTHERM

  • The CIRCOTHERM concept originated during a 'CircoTrack'; a three-day workshop in which the management of VanDerEng was guided to view all business processes through ‘Circular Glasses’.
  • During this workshop, a project that had been rejected as economically unfeasible, suddenly gained much more added value from this circular approach.
  • EAS 16-18 leaves all existing techniques far behind. A sophisticated grid that is very easy to install due to its simplicity and speeds up processing by a factor of 2 to 3.

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CIRCOTHERM originated from the development team within VanDerEng. VanDerEng has been active since 1894 as a producer of heavy plastic labels for the horticultural, industrial and leisure sector. Many of our products serve to identify products and people. Our injection molding department was created to upgrade the residual flow that is released during the production of industrial labels and labels from waste to an excellent raw material for making injection molded products. VanDerEng uses very specific plastic films for its products. Foils that are generally so thick and stiff that traditional die-cutting machines are not suitable for this. That is why VanDerEng has its own mechanical engineering branch. As a result, a lot of know-how is available in developing new applications and machines.