EAS 16-18

Underfloor heating with a new approach
Underfloor heating was already very popular, but due to the increasing requirements that the government places on the energy consumption of buildings and homes, the application of underfloor heating is taking off even more.

Logical, because at present this type of heating converts energy into heat in the most efficient way, compared to the investment.

At the same time, the construction sector as well as the installation sector have to contend with a high workload, an increasing sharpening of margins and a major challenge in finding skilled personnel.

Reason enough for CIRCOTHERM to take a completely different approach to the methodology for installing underfloor heating systems.

The EAS 16-18 was created from a thorough market analysis. A grid which - in comparison to the most commonly used application systems such as the wire grid, the studded plate and the tacker plate - is unique because of its simplicity:

  • Because no time is lost cutting the subfloor to size, time is gained first;
  • The grids are easy to connect and if the dimensions of the house do not fully correspond to the dimensions of the grid, the rigidity of the grids is so high that some space can simply be created between the different grids;
  • On average, only 0.85 grid per m² is needed;
  • After this, the hose can simply be 'walked in';
  • Read here the 10 advantages of the EAS 16-18.
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